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You can search for voluntary and community organisations using information about where they are based, what interests or topics they deal with and their name. Simply enter the information in the boxes above and press search. A list of organisations matching your search criteria will then be presented and you can find out more about them by clicking on their name. If no matches are returned you may need to refine your search criteria.

About the project

In April 2012, Involving Lincs, the Lincolnshire Third Sector Infrastructure Consortium, received funding from the Lincolnshire Health and Wellbeing Fund to develop a countywide voluntary and community organisation database.

This web based database provides contact details for voluntary and community organisations across Lincolnshire, helping you to find the groups that you are interested in and helping the groups to promote their activities.

What are the benefits of one single database?

The Countywide VCS Database:

  • Will provide a way of gathering and storing contacts for all voluntary organisations in Lincolnshire
  • Will allow anyone to search for groups based on where they are and what they provide
  • Will allow groups to add their details if they are not already listed